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We spend our time growing, picking, cooling, and packing the finest, freshest fruit from producers all over the Western Cape, South Africa. What we offer is not only a value chain but rather a chain of values that runs throughout the industry right into the hands of our customers.

We are a specialist apple and pear company. Our goal is simple: get the right fruit packed in the right carton to the right market at the right time.

We are custodians of the land that bears our fruit. Working with nature, we grow our fruit both sustainably and responsibly. Our technical focus in the orchards and packshed ensure that all Food Safety and other measures are in place and that all our producers comply with customer specifications and market requirements.

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Our farms are spread over the EGVV (Elgin, Grabouw, Vyeboom, Villiersdorp) region in the Western Cape, South Africa. This region is one of three in South Africa that provides the unique micro-climate that is needed to grow pome fruit.

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Investing in agriculture ensures the long-term sustainability of our business. We future-proof our business by investing in new technologies that give us the tools to improve our farming practices. The continuous replanting of new strains allows us to farm more efficiently and with new varieties that cater to changing market requirements.

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As part of our direct production footprint, Ideafruit owns about 800 hectares of orchards together with shareholder farmers. Four of these units are owned by Ideafruit. Within the commodity split of 80% apples and 20% pears, we produce a basket of all main varieties, including Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Top Red, Fuji, Braeburn, Pink Lady and Cripps Red for apples, and Bon Chretien, Abate Fetel, Packham’s Triumph and Forelle for pears.

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Smart Agri

We rely on the power of nature to provide much-needed resources to grow quality apples and pears. We invest in modern technology and implement the best technical orchard practices. Together with the technical team and other industry specialists in the field, we work closely to ensure the sustainability of our product supply base. 

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Social & Ethics

We take pride in our relationships with people and surrounding communities. As a company, we are committed to providing a safe, ethically sound and healthy workspace for all our employees. Most farms have undergone audits to ensure that they are SIZA compliant, and some social development projects are currently being identified.

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Food Safety & Compliance

Before receiving fruit at our BRC accredited facilities, we ensure that the fruit from the farms is safe and compliant with the latest food safety standards. All deliveries can be traced and linked to production units with specific PUC codes. We produce our fruit in line with international MRL regulations and according to our customers' compliance standard requirements.

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In the heart of the EGVV Valley, right across from the Theewaterskloof dam, our packhouse in Vyeboom is ideally located within a 30km radius from all our growers, which allows us to get freshly-picked fruit into our coolrooms within protocol.

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Our BRC accredited packhouse is operational for 12 months of the year. We operate day and night during peak periods to ensure a consistent product supply. Our dedication enables us to meet market demands and ensure that fruit reaches our customers at optimum levels.

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Our pre-sorter can sort 180 tons of fruit per day, sorting each apple according to size, colour and quality. This allows us to know exactly what groupings we have available, which can then be allocated to the right markets at the right time.

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Our cooling complex is 36 000m² under-roof. We can store 26 000 tons of fruit in our CA complex. Once our fruit is packed, we can force-cool 780 pallets and store up to 2 500 pallets.

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Our packshed has three packing lines that can pack up to 220 tons of fruit per day. Fruit can be packed according to customer and market specifications. Our flow wrap machines can pack up to 36 tons per day into various flow-wrap poly bag combinations.

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We have a strong focus on quality throughout the production process, ensuring that we meet the market's varied specifications in terms of grading and packaging, as well as industry standards and protocols. All packed cartons are barcoded with orchard, production unit and packing detail to maintain traceability.

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Marketing is about more than selling a commodity. To us, it’s about building long-term relationships, and our marketing division has been building relationships with customers all over the world. To best serve our customers’ needs, we have marketing offices based in Somerset West, South Africa and Kent in the United Kingdom.

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As a Southern Hemisphere supplier, Ideafruit sells to various receivers in markets, wholesalers and retailers across the globe. By working closely with major shipping lines and service providers, we can offer door-to-door service via road, air and sea freight to all major destinations.

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South African Retail Market

Ideafruit has been supplying the South African retail market since its inception. Working closely with our retail partners, we have consistently adapted to changing consumer demands and introduced various marketing initiatives into retail with in-store marketing campaigns and specialised packaging.

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Ideafruit UK

Our UK office has established itself as a grower-based office with a retail-orientated approach. We supply specialised packaging solutions at origin and within the market itself, ensuring we can deliver a cost-effective product to retail clients. With procurement strategies aligned with other Southern Hemisphere suppliers, Ideafruit UK can ensure sustainable supply and extend the season for our retail clients.

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As an active player in the wholesale markets, we know the importance of a continuous supply and focus on ensuring we have a market presence all year. We have established long-lasting relationships with our clients whilst increasing our supply footprint. We are market demand orientated with an emphasis on religious festivals and general shortages in the market. Our flexible approach allows us to supply according to market trends, unlocking value for our growers and clients.

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Ideafruit understands that every client and market segment is unique. Markets are fluid and ever-changing, and as suppliers, we need to be agile enough to adapt to this. Our trade clients know that we can supply them on demand as market needs arise. Where required, we can source multiple commodities for our customers.

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Our People

The in-market presence of our various offices gives us the ability to provide active solutions, product supply and services to retail, wholesale and trading clients daily.

Oliver Wood from Ideafruit

Oliver Wood

Group Services

Marinus van der Merwe from Ideafruit

Marinus van der Merwe

Bluefields Farming

Frank Smal from Ideafruit

Frank Smal

Pack Shed Management

Johandi Moller from Ideafruit

Johandi Moller

Marketing Team

Karabelo Motsel from Ideafruit

Karabelo Motsei

Marketing Team

Louis Fourie from Ideafruit

Louis Fourie

Marketing Team

Pieter Oelofse from Ideafruit

Pieter Oelofse

Marketing Team

Tanja Carstens from Ideafruit

Tanja Carstens

Marketing Team

Michelle Goodwin from Ideafruit

Michelle Goodwin

Group Services

Mia Uys from Ideafruit

Mia Uys

Group Services

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